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Challenges Facing America Essay

Challenges Facing America Among the most crucial duties of our country is to safeguard and serve its residents. As the brand new millennium begins, our country must overcome many difficulties that affect this responsibility. Three of the most crucial are terrorism, illiteracy, and having less moral values. People in america have regarded terrorism as a horror occurring in other countries rather than as a real danger to America itself. As the latest terrorist episodes on our nation displays, this opinion was incorrect gravely. There are many policies in both private sector and our government, which contributed to your vulnerability to terrorism. A lot of people assume that luggage and travellers are screened before they are allowed on an aircraft closely; however, this not the full case. Unlike carry-on bags, luggage positioned in the cargo bay of a plane isn't x-rayed. This produces the likelihood for a terrorist to check on in a suitcase which has a bomb without problem. Not merely would the bomb move undetected, but also the terrorist wouldn't normally need to be a passenger on plane because of no checkpoints, which match baggage to travellers. Another element, which contributed to the successfulness of the latest terrorist acts, may be the gross carelessness of the INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) within their responsibilities of monitoring foreigners who get into this nation legally as students. By focusing their initiatives and resources primarily on the Mexican immigration issue, they have left the entranceway widely open for legal aliens in which to stay this country for provided that they wish. The institution when a foreign student is permitted to attend is normally specified when he's granted a visa; nevertheless, there is absolutely no workplace in the INS whose responsibility is to make sure.

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