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CREATED ON 18th April 2018

Essay Concerning The Positive Messages in Romeo and Juliet

Though life can encounter us tragedies, hopefully in the end we could always choose at least a tiny positive from the situation. Life hands everybody struggles, the only difference between them is how we manage and handle them, and if we could always depart with a new outlook. Tragedies even like Romeo and Juliet can nevertheless possess positive legacies left through them. People have a tendency to focus just on the negative, however regardless of what the situation, we ought to always be able to take something out of it. This tragedy generally may topple over many tragedies, however we could still name positive messages about the human spirit. In Romeo and Juliet, three positive messages regarding the human soul that it reflects are love, hope and endurance. Initially, in Romeo and Juliet, it definitely shows and illustrates a powerful bond of love. This play itself is understood as one of the best love stories ever written within this lifetime. Although this is problematic, nearly everyone can agree it should at least be on peak of the listing. Romeo and Juliet had known each other for 5 minutes of the life, before they...

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International legal order
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