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CREATED ON 18th April 2018

The Effectiveness of Bend it Like Beckham from Gurinder Chadha Essay

The Effectiveness of Bend it Like Beckham by Gurinder Chadha Bend it like Beckham is a film about a tradition Indian household with two brothers, Jessminder and Binky Bamrah. Binky is engaged to another Indian Sikh, Teetu, and Jessminder is only interested in one thingâ$¦ Football! Jessminder plays football in the playground with his friend, Tony, and his friends until Jules, a player for the Hounslow Harriers Women's Soccer Team, asks Jessminder to come along for a try out for her football team. The following scene is revealing how well the girl players at the Hounslow Harriers can play soccer that I think is effective since it demonstrates that women can play football in addition to guys. Jessminder tries out for the group and is approved by Joe the Teams coach. At this time it's evident to the audience who Jules enjoys Joe but Joe likes Jessminder but it is not clear to the actors, which is a perfect example of dramatic irony. Then you watch more preparations for Binky and Teetu's wedding and as that is going on Jessminder goes for her second football clinic and can be awarded her uniform, which entails her wearing shorts. This second scene is the first scene I will analyse. You view Jessminder sitting at a soccer stand while the other players are practicing their abilities. Joe places her and informs Jules to take over the warm up and goes over to Jess. Joe climbs over the rail and stays by Jess and he spots the problem as the camera moves into a scar on Jessminders right leg. The camera then proceeds to reveal both Joe and Jess and moves slightly when every actor speaks. Through Jess' dialogue the actor speaks in a melancholy tone, which I presume.

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