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A Psychoanalytic Approach to Wuthering Heights Essay

A Psychoanalytic Approach to Wuthering Heights Before anything else, I would like to discuss the nature of the principle characters of this novel. I'd like to begin using Catherine as she seems to be the fundamental character of this love story. Obviously the latter is my personal premise. Catherine is the exact representative of character and naturalism. In the initial chapters of novel and Mrs. Dean's great and elaborate account of Catherine, we encounter the portrayal of rampant nature represented from the moor. Totally intractable and precarious in nature, the moor is the most appropriate identifier of Catherine's personality. In reality, her childhood interest from the moor leads us to the conclusion that she has no touch of motive till the time she is prohibited by her sister-in-law and brother after her five-week stay at Lintons'. Interestingly, she takes her playmate, Heathcliff, into the moor to spend the joyous private time together with him and that is the very foreshadow which prognosticates Heathcliff's afterwards confusions and sufferings as a consequence of her precarious and crazy character. However, Heathcliff himself doesn't have sheer difference in nature with her seeing naturalism. Ironically enough, he never undergoes any obligatory changes to leave such a character and on the contrary he's inspired by tyrannical treatment from Hindley to assume his naturalism. Based on these premises we can conclude that both of these lovers are the agents of identification in this publication. They act upon every impulse with no contemplations or management of crazy passion. To cut the long story short, they behave as their unconscious bids them to perform. They are not alone in this facet since Hindley also combines them in this attribute in a different manner. As a consequence of...

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