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Statistics on Race Relations at J.M. Coetzee's In the Heart of the Nation

Share race with regard to - At the Heart of the Nation. - In compliance with the Oxford Dictionary 'race' is described as being 'all of the major divisions of humankind, using distinct physical characteristics. [1]' Consequently race turned into an increasingly important factor in postcolonial fiction since race has been after all of the very obvious indicator in all colonial conditions. 'While from the Eurocentric world, skin-colour carries an automatic cultural content, it nevertheless masks 'authentic' identity. The frustrated desire to generate skin color identify (which will be racism) was an linchpin of colonial authority, sustaining the cohesiveness of the ruling group.' [2] And the approval of racial identities had obviously been unavoidable in the apartheid state. Postcolonial literature includes all literature composed in English by authors in the former colonies plus I have chosen to concentrate upon In the center of the Country (1976) by Afrrikaan author J.M. Coetzee. The real history of Coetzee's native state has supplied him with much raw material for his work. He is famous for his eloquent protest against governmental and societal circumstances in South Africa, particularly the suffering caused by imperialism, apartheid and post apartheid violence. 'At the clearest sense Coetzee, as a white man, is always associated with the most dominant group in a Hawaiian society, and as a white guy who is also a 'liberal,' he's uniquely vulnerable.' [3] At the center of the Country tells the story of a sheep farmer who seeks private salvation in a black concubine, it is told through the eyes and words of his daughter, Magda; that plots and executes a menacing and bloody revenge. Magda could be interpreted as a medium for Coetzee to oppose the ord...

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