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My Philosophy of Teaching Essay

Philosophy of Teaching I began my college career going towards a degree in child psychology, law, or orthodontics. In all of these professions children are heavily involved and that I knew I needed to be around children. Then I decided to change my major into teaching, which combines aspects of several livelihood, and is kid oriented. The main reasons I wish to be a teacher are not for the money or the energy of the classroom. I want to become a teacher due to children's lack of enthusiasm to learn, bad advice, and bad role models. So many children in today's society have these undesirable qualities either within themselves or they are obtained at home. Many kids don't receive the attention they have to make them wish to learn, or the advice and role models to teach them how to live daily life, even less to look into the future. Through constructive criticism, reward and punishment methods, and critical thinking skills, I wish to instill knowledge and enthusiasm for learning. By being a positive role model I expect I will direct my students in the ideal direction. I feel there is more to teaching than just standing in front of a classroom and writing on the chalkboard. There should even be more than just teaching the program specified. Teaching needs to be a combination of program and aspects of daily life and the way to deal with this. Kids are exposed to many bad effects at a very young age. Violence is among the most usual. Violence is a nonstop, growing beast, that children see too much of. Television, computers, and violent home lives are some of the windows of violence open to children. Many children are not equipped with any sort of shield against violence or oth...

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Mesopotamians Egyptians
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Verona beach
Arts entertainment
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When reading an article or perhaps journal, it can be complex and never fully understood by everybody. Because of this we might have to investigate meanings to understand the full text. Sherry Turkle, a professor and current representative of the UBER initiative about Technology and Self, in her 3 years ago Forbes document "Can Heard Me Now? " she addresses the main topic of technology and discusses society's growing habbit and indifference as a result of this...
Encyclopedia britannica
2011 march
2011 march 2011
March 2011
Arts entertainment
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Heathcliff does
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