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Two Girls in Proverbs 9 Essay

Two Women in Proverbs 9 Proverbs has always been one of the most renowned and loved books of the Bible. According to the prologue, it was written "to teach shrewdness to the simple, wisdom and prudence to the young" (1.4), and to "allow the wise also hear and gain in learning, and also the discerning gain ability" (1.5). It's mainly addressed to young men, since the writer makes regular references to "my son" throughout. The goal of this publication was to help prepare young men for leadership and life. Even a proverb, which serves the objective of drawing a contrast between two kinds of behaviour to educate moral wisdom, specifically fulfills its role in especially chapter 9 of Proverbs. In light of this father-to-son instruction, the writer uses the personification of two unique types of girls to be able to illustrate the two corresponding paths of life: wisdom and folly. Although there are lots of striking similarities of the two girls in Proverbs 9, the subtle differences between the two didactically imparts life lessons to young men. The speaker starts the passage of Proverbs 9, by telling that the very first similarity that Lady Wisdom and Lady Folly discuss is the ownership of a home. The only apparent difference is that Lady Wisdom has built her own house: "Wisdom has built her house; she has hewn her seven pillars" (9.1). Lady Wisdom hasn't simply constructed her home, but it is given that her house is a large one, representing wealth. There's no reference to Lady Folly constructing her houseshe sluggishly just "sits in the doorway of her house" (9.14). Metaphorically, the speaker of this passage is telling that the young men to become hard-working, representing the importance of diligence, which can be a continuous underlying thre...

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