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Essay on Ethan Frome - Realism

The rise of Realism in 1855 was the right time when farming started to industrialize, conversation expanded through railroads, and Nationalism was however revived again. On top of each one of these important transformations which have marked this time period was the importance for literature with a fresh audience, new settings, and new characters. The novel, Ethan Frome, by Edith Wharton, is an impressive exemplory case of literature from the Practical period. First, Realism is certainly a definite movement from the Intimate period. Romantics wrote about the unique and the uncommon, whereas in Realism, literature was discussed the common and ordinary. The town where in fact the novel occurs is Starkfield, the average farming community. There isn't much in the city that is of curiosity or anything extravagant to end up being known for. Furthermore, literature from Romanticism centered on hopes, while Realistic literature illustrated question and skepticism. The narrator describes the scene where Zeena declares to Ethan that her sickness gets serious, saying, "She continued to gaze at him.

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