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Different Perception of Women: Dracula by Bram Stoker Essay

From the late 19th century, when Dracula by Bram Stoker is composed, women were just perceived as conservative housewives, just adapting to their family's requirements and being solely determined by their husbands to provide for them. This publication portrays that entirely in accordance to Mina Harker, however, Lucy Westenra is the complete reverse. Lucy parades about in just her demeanor as a promiscuous and sexual person. While Mina simply cares about learning new things in order to help her husband Jonathan Harker. Lucy and Mina both become victims of vampirism from the publication. Mina is fortunate but Lucy isn't. Overall, the assumption of women as the weaker specimen is significantly immense in the late 19th century. Additionally, there are many underlying sexual messages throughout the narrative. The topic of anything sexual, in the late 19th century, was not a topic to be discussed publicly. This explains why Stoker decodes all his references. The late 19th century was the age of the American Renaissance therefore the novel includes many gothic and Poe-etic components. In Bram Stoker's novel Dracula, the writer depicts women in a promiscuous way to symbolize the weakness and dependence of women on men, comprises many gothic and Poe-etic components to relate the publication to American Renaissance and creates many sexual references to include some edge to the narrative to the joy of men but the terror to women. Women are seen as the weaker specimen for many centuries now. Stoker's book definitely shows pieces of him dubbing women as the feeble. Stoker writes roughly three voluptuous women attempting to seduce Jonathan Harker and Jonathan being saved by Dracula in return for a half-smothered kid as the women's supper. One of those sisters reply to Dracula, "Are we.

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