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CREATED ON 12th April 2018

The African American Struggle for Equality and Identity at Ralph Ellison's Battle Royal

Ralph Ellison's short story, Battle Royal, is mainly a description of this African American struggle for equality and identity. The narrator of this story is an over average youth of this African American community [Goldstein-Shirlet, 1999]. He is given a chance to provide a speech to some of the more impressive white people. His expectations of being obtained in a beneficial and standard environment are substantially crushed when he's confronted with the cruelty of the process he has to deal with to be able to realize his job. A brief analysis of the significant theme located in Ellison's Battle Royal, supported with a literary criticism managing the tone and style of the narrative. The continuing theme of Battle Royal is that of a battle for one's rights against overpowering odds. Instances of the battle are observed throughout the narrative. Ellison tells the enormity of the problems faced by the African American community to maintain themselves. This is carried out by the extreme nature of the events described in the Battle Royal. Initially, the boys are taken to a room where a nude girl is dance. When the boys turn away their heads, they're yelled at for not looking. The tone of this suggests the elephants were not entitled to most of those 'good' things being white could bring them and that they were not really good enough to them. The boys then compete at the Battle Royal [Ralph Ellison Battle Royal, 2003]. This classic example of symbolism indicates the fight African Americans have been setting up against a harsh system over the years and the way it had been necessary to continue and have guts even when hope diminished. This may perhaps also represent in some little part the level to which a combined community's stability may be damaged and disrupted. Afte...

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