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Essay Facets of Criminology

Criminology is defined as an interdisciplinary profession constructed around the scientific study of crime and criminal behavior including their forms, causes, legal elements, and management. There are lots of aspects in the field of criminology. These aspects include the areas of research involved, the criminology schools of thought, theoretical developments and the people involved with creating and developing the theories. What role do criminologists play within the field of criminology? The term criminologist is used to describe any individual who's employed in the criminal justice field regardless of formal training. (Schmalleger) These individuals study crime, criminals, and criminal behavior. Those responsible for collecting and examining physical evidence of crime are known as criminalists. Criminologists perform various activities such as data gathering, data analysis, theory construction, hypothesis testing, social policy creation, public advocacy and public company, analysis of crime patterns and trends, education and training, and threat assessment and risk analysis. Criminology is categorized into three schools of thought: Classical, Positivist, and Chicago. These three schools fit into three different theoretical developments in criminology. However, there are six categories that fit into the theoretical developments. The first development is the Classical School which is composed of classical and neoclassical criminology. The classical school of criminological thought developed as a result of the Enlightenment or Age of Reason, a highly significant social movement in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The Enlightenments encouraged people to think for themselves rather obeying orders given by the State or Church. (W.. .

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