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Charge Card Marketing on College Campuses Essay

The matter of whether credit card companies should advertise on campuses or not, attracts many unique opinions, a few of which are driven by personal experience and several that are driven by profit. There are individuals who don't agree with this because they are aware of what they have gone through with credit card debt. There are also those who say that they should market on campus because they're adults and contribute to the firm's profit. Although students are adults and will need to make credit, credit card companies should not advertise to college students on campus because they are too innocent and this contributes to graduating with an excessive amount of debt. Students don't have the education needed to use credit cards responsibly. Nellie Mae (August 2007) says that 93% percent of students would have enjoyed more information on financial management topics before they began school and need financial management education made available to those now. This is proof that students crave the instruction before getting in to debt. Allowing credit businesses to market their product campus is too much of a temptation.

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