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Comparing Satire in Babbitt by Sinclair Lewis and The Simpsons Essay

The Power of Satire in Babbitt as well as The Simpsons Sinclair Lewis used his writing to advertise the enrichment of American culture by exposing the flaws he believed in his age. His most prominent work, Babbitt, is a satire on the middle class lifestyle and attitude of the 1920s. Lewis' satirical voice and style is akin to the modern tv series The Simpsons, written by Matt Groening. Babbitt and The Simpsons contain several similarities in satirical writing, commentary and presentation. Matt Groening satirizes many contemporary situations with his design and characterization from The Simpsons which are much like the states in Babbitt. The Simpsons represent the pinnacle of how Lewis' remarks are still alive in the present world. Lewis uses both the effects of direct and indirect satire. Lewis is a realistic satirist who, as most others, can "...use their vast firsthand understanding of the material they describe and also their sensitive ear for conversation to support the illusion of reality" (Feinburg 61). Lewis' firsthand understanding is observed via using this minister Mike Monday in Babbitt, which is a satirical poke at the minister Billie Sunday of his time that would be unfamiliar to him unless he understood the present events of his era. Lewis original presents an obviously dead end idea through a ridiculous character, subsequently has it refuted by an outside voice of reason, simply to have the first character praise and defend the thought until he probably fails or realizes his blunder (Feinburg 92). This type of interaction could be seen in Babbitt via a conversation between George and Myra. Babbitt begins by defending his new discovered liberalism and denouncing the Great Citizens Leagu...

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