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Essay about Research of Color Theory

Research of Color Theory Color fills our world with beauty. We delight in the colors of a magnificent sunset and at the vivid crimson and golden-yellow leaves of fall. We're charmed by gorgeous flowering plants along with the brilliantly colored arch of a rainbow. We also use colour in numerous ways to add interest and pleasure to our lives. As an example, lots of people choose the colours of their clothes carefully and decorate their homes with colors that create beautiful, restful, or exciting consequences. By their selection and arrangement of colors, artists try to make their paintings more realistic or expressive. Color serves as a means of communication. In sports, different colored uniforms show which team the players are on. On streets and highways, a red traffic light tells drivers to stop, and a green light tells them to go. On a map printed in color, blue may stand for rivers and other bodies of water, green for forests and parks, and black for highways and other roads. We use the names of colors in many common expressions to describe moods and feelings. By way of example, we say a sad person feels blue and a covetous one is green with envy. We state an angry individual sees red. A coward may be called yellow. Color plays an important part in nature. The brilliant colors of many types of blossoms attract insects. The insects may pollinate the flowers, causing the plants to develop seeds and fruits. Colorful fruits attract many kinds of fruit-eating animals, which pass the seeds of the fruits in their droppings. The seeds may then sprout wherever the droppings fall. This manner, fruit-bearing plants might be spread naturally to new areas. The colours of some animals help them attract mates. For example, a peacock spreads his brightly colored feathers when courting a female. The colours of many different animals help them escape from enemies. As an instance, Arctic hares have brownish fur in summer. In winter, their fur turns white, making it difficult for enemies to observe the hares in the snow. Though we speak of seeing colors or objects, we do not actually see them. Instead, we see the light that objects reflect or give off. Our eyes absorb this light and change it into electrochemical signals. The signals travel through nerves to the brain, which interprets them as colored images. However, there is a lot that scientists still do not know about how our eyes and brain.

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