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CREATED ON 11th April 2018

The Betrayal of Christ Depicted in the Italian Paintings by Giotto

and Duccio and Duccio and Duccio

The advancement of Italian painting in the years around the 1300 or the proto-renaissance is in a few feeling the rebirth of artwork and culture. The painters of Renaissance Italy mounted on particular courts and with loyalties to certain metropolitan areas usually, explored the comprehensive span of Italy still. Most of the Italian painters grew during this time period artistically, which is noticeable in Duccio’s painting in comparison to Giotto’s. In the renaissance period it had been highly popularized to primarily draw depictions of spiritual figures, which is definitely what the focus of Duccio’s artwork was mainly. Prior to the painting of the Betrayal of Christ, Duccio’s paintings were composed and reliant upon the historic custom of icon painting highly. In enough time around 1300 Duccio took steps toward depicting images in a far more naturalistic form; Whereas, Giotto, in the 1300’s, was set up as painting even more three-dimensional and naturalistic forms currently. In both different depictions of the scene Betrayal of Christ, Duccio and Giotto show their different styles about how they compose their paintings. The first decision in to the composure of the painting will be the comparison of how big is surface they thought we would paint on. Duccio compared to Giotto chooses to focus on a wooden panel no wider when compared to a foot, and Giotto proceeded to go with a plaster surface area with a width of ten ft. This detail by itself lets the viewer understand that Giotto’s artwork is normally embedded at length and visual usage. The size difference may be the element between who see’s it and what they find; the fine information and symbolism of the narrative will become better comprehended if the viewer can easily see every detail. Furthermore, to the composition of the painting, the total amount can be a dynamic factor. Both Ducci...

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