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CREATED ON 11th April 2018

Essay An Analysis of Millay's Poem, Renascence

An investigation of Millay's Poem, Renascence At first glance Edna St. Vincent Millay's first recognized poem, Renascence, appears to be easy to understand and follow. However, as that sing-songy poem is dissected, the reader embarks upon a world filled with emotion, religion, confusion, uncertainty and sin. This poem is split up into six sections or stanzas which separate the action of the poem to simple to comprehend parts. I have chosen to explore the first section of this poem for my reading. Though this segment is the easiest to read, it sets up the action and requires the maximum "reading between the lines" to follow together with the quick and purposeful phenomena. Millay starts her poem by describing, in first person, the constraints of her world for a child. She joins herself to these character images and wonders about what the world is like outside the mountains and islands. The initial language and writing style tip in a child-like motif used in this part. This device invites the reader to sit back and enjoy the poem without the pressure to understand complex words and arrangement. Further into the first stanza Millay begins to ruminate about how she will go beyond her own boundaries and become familiar with the "Undefined." At this point the girl decides to attain her knowledge simply by lying on her back and touching the skies. Here is the juncture where viewers can draw different conclusions about what she is actually doing here. I personally believed that she fell into a dream like state or literally fell asleep and began to dream about infinity and the marvels of the heavens. Once the girl actually touches the sky, a whirlwind of repercussions takes over her next minutes and forces her to ride an emotional ro...

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