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CREATED ON 11th April 2018

Spirituality Essay

Spirituality plays a very sub sequential part in my private life. To start with, spirituality helps me govern what is appropriate and what is wrong in my life. Many of the decisions that I make regular, I believe are a direct result of my spirituality. As long as I can remember I have been raised to believe that I should live my life the way God would like me to live it. Therefore, whenever I have a choice to make, I must consider, what's ideal? And what's wrong? Second of all, it also helps me to feel more secure about what's going to happen to my soul once my life here on earth is over. I believe that there is a better place for our souls once we leave this earth. Many of my spiritual beliefs have changed over time. When I was younger I believed that so as to visit haven somebody had to loyally attend and become actively involved in church. But, as I grew older I was taught that church is merely the building in which we praise the lord. I was taught that the lord could be praised without the building. As a child I also had this image and belief that God was white. This white image that I had of God came from pictures that I saw as a child. These images and beliefs changed, as I got older because I was exposed to new information and a new way of thinking and I was able to investigate these things on my own. In my opinion, there isn’t much of a difference between being a spiritual person and a religious person. If...

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College Students and StressToday a college education can excess students with too many stress filled situations. Not only does Stress overload today's college students, but it is usually the leading source of personality disorders. In her essay, Cathy Bell clarifies that main depressive disorder strikes 5-12% of men and 10-20% of women; 50 % of these people could have more than one event and 15% of them will certainly commit committing suicide ("Depression intended..
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