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The Growth of Lady Day Essay

The Development of Lady Day Lady Day, considered by many people to be best jazz vocalist of all time, was praised throughout her career and shortly after her death. Holiday is considered as among the most influential girls songs has ever had, but not many think of the trip travelled through to become so widely respected. Throughout the the early years of her life, Billie dealt with abuse, rape, prostitution, and the death of a loved one. Even after going through these dreadful and traumatic events, she still defeated the loss of her childhood innocence and did amazing things with her existence. Billie Holiday resisted the reduction of childhood innocence by turning into a strong influential lady in a period of oppression, a substantial jazz musician and by using her lyrics to spread messages like injustice and aspire to the masses. Holiday managed to show her strength to overcome her loss of innocence by being able to trust after being through such traumatic events. Though Holiday was raped multiple occasions and worked as a prostitute in a young age (Holiday15),she still managed to move past that and still put all of herself in a connection. Holiday had two meaningful marriages and every time she placed most of herself in them. Based on Farah Griffin, the author of Should You Can’t Be Free, Be A Mystery: In Search of Billie Holiday, Holiday even said her husband had been her “hero” and was putting her on the “right path” along with his passion for her. This shows how much she appeared to her significant other, and the way she was able to expect them enough to guide her through extremely important component of her own life. Inside her first union, Holiday also dreamed of owning a baby and a house of her own, and she only dreamed of doing so together with her husband (Griffin 81). W.. .

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