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Article on Major-General James Wolfe

The history books ought to be re-written concerning include Major-General James Wolfe among the founding fathers of the nation. Through the two years War he served as part of the British military and was the commander-in-chief of those British, American, and Highlander forces in the Battle of Quebec. His plan of strike the Anse du Foulon to the Plains of Abraham was not only incredibly daring, but tremendously effective because it had been this decisive move that enabled Wolfe's army to capture the city of Quebec. He caught the French forces completely off guard and was therefore competent to even out the numbers to almost completely even battling forces. The question which lies ahead of me in this document would be to answer a 2 part issue to the best of my skill with the research I have done. How was James Wolfe able to direct the British forces, that have been outnumbered 4 to 1, to success? Was this victory at the Battle of Quebec really a victory of a madman? The siege of Quebec has been a boxing game between two guys, Major-General James Wolfe of the British military, along with Marquis de Montcalm of the French army. Major-General James Wolfe had been in service to the British army since the age of fifteen. Yet, his involvement in the military started at age thirteen and a half after he volunteered to go along with his father on the Carthegena Expedition. Luckily for him he became ill and was sent home before setting sail. Even the Carthegena Expedition was a dreadful excursion and also took the lives of several stronger guys to severe fever. It was inconceivable that a boy of Wolfe's age at the time could have lived this kind of expedition. Officially enlisting at the age of fifteen, James Wolfe had all of the makings of a army prodigy. In reality, it was documented that for his leave from the military after being named lieutenant-colonel that he wanted to study artillery and engineering at Metz but had been denied. Wolfe managed to successfully obtain rank at a young age through diligence over the battle, and great military comprehension. Major-General Wolfe recognized the military better than most everybody he acted as a weak. Wolfe believed that there were issues with the British military because of political appointments at which army appointments were needed. On top of this, Wolfe termed chivalry one of the most essential qualities of a strong army. Throughout the Jacobite revolution Will...

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