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Essay on Ethics in Journalism

Ethics in Journalism Nancy Durham is a freelance video journalist for CBC, cable news, and British Channel 4, to mention a few. Her journalistic aim is to "make viewers care about ordinary people trapped in wars". While investigating the Balkan area, she met with an 18 year-old girl named Rajmonda which was recovering in a hospital from the trauma of seeing her sister, Quendressa, murdered in a Serb attack. She expressed into Durham how she had been considering connecting the KLA. From the request of the news channels, Durham returns to KLA headquarters to do some follow-ups on Rajmonda. This is the way Durham finds that Rajmonda not just lied and was a member of the KLA until she met with the reporter, but her sister is actually alive and well. Nancy Durham's narrative was reported in three different countries and more than just once. How can she efficiently stay a credible journalist whilst still holding her vow to help individuals "trapped in warfare"? Should Nancy operate(ignore the fact that her story is false) or if she stay and confront it? See Nancy run. Nancy Durham is now accused of deceiving the public and fabricating the facts, even though it had been mainly Rajmonda's misuse of this publicity she granted to her. She's a duty as a journalist to "truth in reporting", which defines the absence of precision and research in her depiction of warfare in the Balkan region. Nancy Durham could totally ignore the mistakes she made in hopes that it would fall from this news. But she would be constantly worried that interested news stations would appoint another journalist to follow on her narrative, hence, exposing her inaccuracies. Watch Nancy fall. Her fleeing of the problem, may be the very thing that represents her guilt a.. .

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