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Essay About The House Of Usher Response

The Fall Of The House of Usher is a frightening story of the demise of the Usher family, whose inevitable doom is reflected in the diseased and evil setting of the home and grounds. Poe uses elements of this gothic tale to make an atmosphere of dread. The decaying house is a metaphor for Roderick Usher's mind, in addition to his relatives. The dreary landscape also reflects his character. Poe also utilizes play on words to engage the reader to make predictions, or even provide advice. Poe has also set up the story to become intentionally ambiguous so that the reader is constantly hung between the actual and the wonderful. One of the first things to notice is how the home is utilized to symbolize the state of Roderick's thoughts and physical appearance. The home is in disrepair and has a menacing feel to it. That is what the narrator saw and felt when he had been reunited with his old buddy. He felt the chill run down his back as if something was wrong. He could feel fear in the air. Additionally, Roderick feels trapped inside his own home, as he's trapped inside his own mind. His head, like the home, is...

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