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Native American In Colonial America Essay

In the wake of Europe's Age of Exploration, explorers roamed different parts of the ocean in search of a faster water route to Asia. On the way, Europeans explorers discovered a completely different continent, America. Thinking that he was in India, Christopher Columbus, an Italian sailor, known as the indigenous Native Americans he met "Indians," a misnomer that's still used regularly even up to the day. Europeans soon shifted their focus away from your water course to Asia but supporting the colonization of the New World. With a desire to have a fresh lifestyle distinct from all the Old World, lots of Europeans landed on the shores of the new continent and settled on communities. But, almost all kinds of European colonization confronted this archetypal issue -- the native individuals who had inhabited the land before European colonists. Just about all European colonizers solved the issue with the exact solutions -- enslavement of the natives, solid removal to be able to get land, and or the formation of a hierarchical arrangement in which the native were poor to colonizers. North America wasn't any exception from the particular model of European colonization. "Christians venting their anger against them [Native Americans] with so many massacres, therefore much bloodshed without any just cause" (p Las Casaa 1552) But what made the Native Americans different from many other "colonized natives" was that though they were abused and belittled, Native Americans have made great political influences that altered the course of American history. These strong influences are evident, for example, from King Philip's War, the French and Indian War, as well as the American Revolution. At first, Native Americans assisted colonies, such as the British colony in Plymouth, by...

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