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A 19tl Hundred years Woman’s Lifestyle Essay

Women in the early 19tl hundred years had been regarded as their partners’ home, and consequently local assault against girlfriends or wives was not really unusual during this correct period period. Women were taught that their place was in the true home, and they were expected to be obedient wives and also to never hold a thought or opinion that differed from that of their husband’s. In Zora Neale Hurston’s book, Their Eye Had been Viewing God, Janie shows to the audience early on in the created publication her normally outspoken character and younger self-reliance. At sixteen years old, just as she is beginning to become curious about love and the opposite sex, the beautiful young Janie is thrust into marriage and she is faced with having to hide who she is as a person in order to conform to the expectations of a wife during that time. Janie’s unique outspokenness, her beauty, and her subliminal unwillingness to become managed causes her problems as she deals with local assault, first during her relationship to Joe Starks and once again during her relationship to Tea Pastry. However, Janie’s physical reaction towards the two different men abusing her is generally the same in each marriage, she continued to be cried and calm. However, her mental emotions and reactions toward the mistreatment adjustments significantly. The man Janie married, Logan Killicks, was an older man who treated Janie very well, and he never once hit her. Janie talks to Childcare professional, stating “No’m, he ain’testosterone levels spoken ‘bout hittin’ me also. He says he never mean to lay de weight uh his hand on me in malice. He chops all the solid wood he believe Ah desires and family den he hand bags it inside de kitchen for me. Helps to keep both drinking water buckets total” (Hurston,g. 22-23). The drop of their relationship was irritated by the known reality that Janie under no circumstances dropped in like with Logan Killick...

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