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The Path to Freedom Essay

In an effort to help free India from the British rule, Mahatma Gandhi contributed to some demonstration against salt taxes, that has been known as the Salt March. This demonstration advocated Gandhi's theory of satyagraha, or nonviolent disobedience, as the nation came together on March 12, 1930, to walk the 241 mile-long travel to the shores of Dandi to reach salt. Gandhi encouraged the Indians to act robustly from the injustices of their salt taxes through nonviolent ways. Though a few Indians criticized Gandhi for not attaining direct independence in the Raj or British rule, Gandhi's implementation of the Salt March and its following events, including the Dharsana protest and the "Quit India" campaign, not only helped to create a stronger state, but also afterwards brought India closer than before receiving liberty. Gandhi's execution of the Salt March was a result of the British colonization of India, which had triggered a change in Indians' lifestyle. In 1975, the East India Company established manufacturing monopolies, which assisted the British in exercising their powers within the salt facilities situated in India by using salt taxes. As the British occupied the salt works, the Indian inhabitants became deprived of one of their main resources. Thus, the Indians in the nation began to suffer because of this stricter British rule, which in turn restricted the Indians from approving a revolt against the salt taxes. The Salt March was a way that Gandhi sought to inspire a strong sense of unity. The motivated Indians shortly adapted to Gandhi's nonviolent belief and became known as the satyagrahis, advocates of the "satyagraha" movement. The term satyagraha, "mean[s] 'truth force' or 'reality love' [and] can be described as civi...

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