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To Kill A Mockingbird as Well as the Little Rock Nine Essay

When a group of kids called the Little Rock Nine stepped onto the campus of Central High School of Arkansas on September 4th, 1957, they changed history forever. By being the first black students to attend a traditionally white high school, the nine pupils helped move America toward a much more fair and inherent attitude toward coloured people. To Kill a Mockingbird was written during this time frame and deals with many of the exact cultural issues even though it's narrative takes place a few decades before. If this weren't the case and the publication's characters had grown up during precisely the exact same period as the Little Rock Nine, there's absolutely no doubt that Scout, Atticus, Bob Ewell, and many different characters would have had strong opinions about and may have taken actions against or for the Little Rock Nine or the Civil Rights movement as a whole. The Little Rock Nine were a part of a wide movement for civil rights which began in 1865 with the 13th amendment and still remains today. Many prominent figures emerged in the forefront of this origin such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, but the Little Rock Nine innovative civil rights in education by starting the effort to desegregate schools. Their legacy still lives on as one of bravery and perseverance. Their story started in 1954 when Brown v Board of Education ruled that segregation in schools was unconstitutional. It had been the first legal conclusion compared the 'different but equal' doctrine that had become regular since the Plessy v Ferguson case in 1896 which propagated segregation: "'separate' facilities provided for whites and blacks were lawfully acceptable provided they were of an 'equal' benchmark" (Kirk, "Crisis at Central High"). Little Rock, Arkansas, was on...

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