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Video Game Competition and Violence influence on Aggressive Behavior Essays

Based on previous research regarding the effect of video games in aggression, Paul Adachi and Teena Willoughby conducted a study to determine if it had been the validity or violence of video games that could cause an aggressive reaction on college students. Based on Adachi & Willoughby, a lot of their former research on the topic had neglected in leveling outside factors like competitiveness, pace and difficulty of activity, which those variable could have easily affected the results. They've also not taken into consideration in the event the aggressive behavior was caused either by competitiveness or from the violence or from the combination of both. In their research Adachy and Willoughby (2011 p. 260) included and defined he following independent factors: violence (e.g. fighting wrestling, killing or shooting), competitiveness (e.g. competing with other players or computer-created competitions), difficulty (e.g. how hard is to win the game) and pace of activity (e.g. how fast are the action sequence happening). They also defined aggressive behavior (dependent variable) based on Lieberman’s Hot Sauce Paradigm (1999), which assigned a standardized number depending upon the hotness rating along with the weight in grams. Pilot Study 1 The goals of the pilot study was to specify if Conan and Fuel (2 video games chosen) differed in terms of violence, but were similar in terms of competitiveness, problem and pace of action (Adachi & Willoughby, 2011 p. 262). Conan was described as a violent game in which conflict players would fight using words and axes to live and defeat their opponents. Fuel is a race game where players undergo a series of races using automobiles and motorcycles. Within this study, fourteen students (6 men and 8 women).

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