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Revolutions in Southern Rhodesia Essay

Regarding to T.O. Ranger in “Revolt in Southern Rhodeisa”, the 1st Chimurenga, which happened from 1896-1897, was an uprising in response to the imposition of colonial guideline in Southern Rhodesia, present-time Zimbabwe (ix). The Nbele and Shona people resisted the colonial guideline and in exchange endured a complex group of struggles over property and cattle and taxes. The shortcoming and unwillingness of the Euroopeans to comprehend the Nbele and Shona people’s culture and religious beliefs misguides perceptions of occasions and sights of their behavoior and activities (2). Terrance mentions through the colonial guideline, many Europeans believed the folks of Africa were quite happy with the brand new administration and misunderstood the result of the “African pople of Southern Rhodesia to colonial guideline, this misunderstanding arosepartly out of white ignorance of the annals of the Shona and the NdebeleEdwards [confessed ],we knew nothing at all of their past background, who these were or where they originated from, and although lots of the Native commissioners hadknowledge of their vocabulary, none folks comprehended the people or could stick to their type of thought really, we looked straight down on them as a downtrodden competition who had been grateful to the white guy for safety” (2). The Europeans didn't deal with them as equals because they noticed them as dependent and considered their lives as meaningless. They thought the Shona and Ndebele people acquired no roots or lifestyle and for that reason had no history. Terrance Ranger mentions “the whites believed that the Shona people wouldn't normally rebel because they believed that the Shona had no roots, no sense of history; no feeling of religion,no chance of life well worth fighting and dying for” (2). The African folks of these cultures were viewed as inferior by the Europeans...

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