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CREATED ON 9th April 2018

Essay The Career of an Elvis Tribute Artist

There Are Lots of Elvis Tribute Artists throughout the USA. A tribute artist is one of a group of special people who've dedicated their lives to keeping Elvis' memory alive. How it all got started, a boy moved into Sun Records at the age of 19, to record a special song for his mother's birthday present; the song has been titled My Happiness. 1 year would pass , before the owner of the studio could call him back. In 1954, music producer, Sam Phillips discovered the very youthful and energetic boy which we know as Elvis. Sam Phillips was looking for a sound which has been very different and distinctive. Elvis, Scotty Moore, and Dj Fontana had been working hard all day, and near the close of the afternoon when they had been about ready to give up, while taking a rest, Elvis picked up the guitar and began to play around. Sam stuck his head from the control booth, and inquires, "What are you doing and can you do it again?" Elvis replied, "I do not understand and yes". The rockabilly sound was born. A deejay by the name of, Dewey Phillips at WHBQ Radio at Memphis, Tennessee interviewed Elvis and performed his first record "That is all right mamma. The world was introduced to Elvis Presley and the rockabilly sound. Elvis was the greatest music entertainer of the time, before his death on August 16, 1977, at the age of forty-two decades. His sudden death left this world quite tearful, he was called the King-of -Rocking- N-Roll during his lifetime and still now, thirty-two years after he died. An E.T.A. can look, dress, dance, sing, and sound just like Elvis. Every of them all has a gorgeous gift that they share with Elvis lovers young and old all over the USA. An E.T.A. is a true fan of Elvis, and he starts out at a really youn...

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