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River of Suns Enjoys The Spotlight Essay

River of Suns Enjoys The Spotlight having the ability to play on any nationally uninstalled app is a good chance for any emerging band; being able to play on New Music Live is even better. Brad White and Raquel Tolmaire approached Lake of Suns to record a 3 song set to be aired around the CW and Fuse beginning at the end of July. White and Tolmaire had met both original members several moons ago once the duo led to a VH1 resisted the Music Benefit Concert. The foursome stored in contact over time so when the band was given a feature about the show via email they happily agreed to tape the program. Taping at the Hollywood Swing House was a fantastic way for the River of Suns new line-up to soak in some experience before a live crowd. Bassist Asa claimed, "We actually enjoyed the viewer as they really helped us get through the production and gave us excellent energy when we had been performing in the front of the cameras." Advantages of taping in the Swing House in Hollywood include locale along with the simple fact that the area is shared by most of the current leaders in music. "Anytime we have a stage it is interesting for me to think about all the established acts who started and played at exactly the identical spot," Asa states. Breaking in a line-up when you're playing in a space that's also special to others lets you make the most of the chance. Asa articulates, "Swing House is in the heart of Hollywood and for the past 15 years has been the rehearsal/recording space for big music acts like Augustana, Marilyn Manson, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Shakira, The Fray, Band of Horses, Iggy Pop and Maroon 5. So, taping in the same space was quite cool!" Self-approval is equally important once you're entering into foreign land. Luckily, the production ran reasonabl...

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