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Essay about The Case For Strong Authentication Of Network Traffic

The openness of networks and the world wide web has undoubtedly led to the success and expansion of people networks. New applications and attributes have flourished from the lack of strict security requirements and the anonymity offered by people networks. However, this openness has also been arguably the single greatest enabler of annoyance and malicious use of networks and the web. Spam, denial-of-service attacks, address spoofing, routing attacks, and a myriad of other malicious uses are, at least partially, the end result of allowing unauthenticated network traffic. This leaves network applications and protocols on their own to implementing security and attack prevention. In this essay, I'll argue that we will need to take at a different approach: strong authentication for network traffic. Network traffic authentication will enable security and protection from applications that demand it while still allowing for innovation in network applications. Strong authentication of network traffic would provide a means for all traffic to be verified for integrity and identity of sender. Currently, most network traffic, especially IP traffic, provides no means for verifying the sender. IP specifically only needs a source address to as method to identify a sender. This is far from a strong form of authentication as IP addresses can easily be faked. A strong authentication system, on the other hand, may utilize public key cryptography and multi-factor identification or some new technology to guarantee the identity of a sender and integrity of data sent. It is not my intention to argue in favor of a particular network traffic authentication mechanism but rather to show that one is needed and indeed feasible. Problems with Unauthenticated Traffic...

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