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The Various Kinds of Stress and How To Manage Them Essay

Individuals who have a bachelors degree on a high school degree earn 60.69% more income than those who do not go to school (Thomas, 2012). A college education is now mandatory to receive a well respected job; unfortunately, the purchase price of a university education has gone up. For instance, in 1980, college tuition for a four year association was $8,756. By 2011 tuition raised to $21,657; the cost more than doubled to get a four year degree (U.S. Department of Education). An Associated Press-Viacom survey finds that six in ten college students rely on student loans to help them get through school and the vast majority of those pupils state that they are concerned about getting enough cash to make it through the week (Cass, 2011). This type of pressure can cause students to develop a disease called stress. What's anxiety? Stress is excessive worry occurring more days than not about school, work or home life (DSM-5). Stress is a disease that is responsible for diminishing productivity and raising the chance for alcohol and drug misuse (Bystritsky, 2006). When productivity is diminished, stress could grow to be a element that is added to a reduction in a persons physical and mental wellbeing. Anxiety is best explained because the “wear and tear of regular life.” (Smith). College is a necessity to be financially sound in most peoples lives. The expense of medical insurance has sky rocketed, as specified in a letter sent to a man in Texas. The medical insurance program he uses has gone up from $212.10 a month to $1,356.60 a month (Adams). The high costs of medical insurance are not affordable in many houses; therefore causing high strain. This sort of anxiety can cause many medical problems, such as anxiety and depression. College students should find out manners in which.

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