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Humility, the Unsung Hero Essay

Residing in a significant metropolitan area as I do, I'm often surprised at the sharp contrasts I visit between the people here and people from the more relaxed Midwestern community where I grew up. Some of these are favorable: a greater level of awareness of and respect for other nations and cultures widespread interest in physical fitness and nutrition more motivation to be successful However, one troubling thing that I have noticed is the abject lack of humility in Washington, DC, and the somewhat greedy tendencies of the men and women who live here. Whether at a skilled or social setting, I am always floored by how fast people will flash their business card mention that the Ivy League school they attended, or nod and grin during somebody's story and interrupt them to talk about themselves. However, I don't think these people are hard-wired to become egomaniacs, rather I believe they have made decisions that have caused them to think single-mindedly about their own achievement. Indeed, "no man is an island" and that single-mindedness isolates the career-driven individual from real social interaction, a happening of which they are most likely not even aware. The working assumption this sort of person is making sounds clear: "to be able to be a victory, to achieve great things, I want to act like I'm that striking, and be sure everybody knows it." And of course, if you get over a few of these people in a room, inescapable one-ups-manship stinks, to everyone's disadvantage...What exactly are these hard-working go-getters missing out on? New horizons. The more you talk about yourself, the less open you should hear about others' experiences, and so you close yourself off to new information and fresh experiences Private puzzle. From runn...

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TranscendentalismFor the average person attempts happiness, generally they search in the incorrect place: "If only I really could have i would be completely happy. " For a long time, man have been seeking joy from exterior, not inside. People have the misunderstanding that materials things and materialistic goals will bring them ultimate pleasure, but in real truth those just bring transient happiness. Authentic and enduring happiness can be reached from within..
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