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CREATED ON 9th April 2018

Essay on The Scourge of Terrorism

The pursuit for peace, happiness, and tranquility are the ultimate needs of all humans. A placid psychological condition that is independently subjective. People have a right to pursue the happiness they desire. And nonetheless strife, injustice, want, and oppression are the things many people on earth encounter, to varying levels. All these iniquities spawn rising acts of terrorism and are characteristic of a variety of despondent groups. Will terrorism be a world-wide scourge in the 21st century?. What interaction is there between terrorists and the television media? What's the responsibility of every individual on this world to decrease the negative effects of atomic? September 11, 2001, marked a significant stage in the history of humans. It clearly highlights the culmination of 20th century injustices in the nascent 21st century (Newman, 2008). Terrorism affects people worldwide and it is now a either a subliminal or a mindful stress variable in the lives of several people nowadays. As Yitzhak Rabin, Israel’s former minister of defense, composed: “Fear of terrorism has become the normal way of life for most people throughout the world” (Eitan. 2008). Everyone in the world has been directly affected by terrorism as seen by increased security at airports, in domestic seaports, and in border patrol and customs centers. Every American is influenced indirectly by increased taxes to pay for better homeland security and improved government preparedness. Northern Ireland and the Middle East are living with terrorism for many years. Terrorism has made its mark on many European and South and Central American nations. And through tv, radio, and the press, many Americans have become familiar with terrorist violence on a da...

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