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CREATED ON 9th April 2018

The Dependence on Censorship in the Mass media Essay

The Dependence on Censorship in the Press Censorship may be the cuts and remakes of press mainly movies. Censorship is normally when 'obscene' scenes and actions have already been removed from a bit of media. Censorship 's been around for a long period, censorship is supposed to safeguard 'us' from the items which happen in press for example movies that have horror, violence or sex. Censorship is said by the federal government to help us since it cuts out scenes which might mentally affect us for instance a film about poverty and the working class that could trigger a revolution because our minds aren't mentally strong in a position to take that it's only a film. We may even need censorship in a few movies to protect teenagers fro m viewing adult movies that could change them for a brief or long-term period. The regions of media I will look at are movies, video, music, printed phrase and video gaming all these certain specific areas of media are accessible to many sets of people, this consists of adults and children. Censorship 's been around for a long period however the censorship of movies really started in 1898 with the movie called "The Cheese Mite." The cheese mite film contains insects consuming some cheese, this film was banned, films like we were holding banned by the Uk Cheese Foundation since the content of the movies could cause a reduction in the sale of cheese, which can go onto leading to other problem elements e.g. lack of jobs. To hide the reality of films like these becoming banned the tents had been turn off for safety reasons we were holding two reasons. Among the reasons might have been they didn't need the working course to see these movies due to a rev...

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