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The Misidentification of The Day We Were Dogs Essay

The Misidentification of this Day We Were Dogs "The Day We Were Dogs," released in 1993 by Elena Garro, illustrates the Frequent mistake of misidentification of Magical Realism. The fact that Garro is a Mexican writer and that dream is indeed closely related to Magical Realism frequently causes the reader to connect with this specific work with Magical Realism. But this work also contains excellent elements in addition to sublime characteristics, which make it difficult to classify as a rigorously heterosexual Realist work. As "The Day We Were Dogs" could be interpreted in so many unique ways, the explanation for the specifics of the narrative become a great deal more difficult. Are the 2 women, Eva and Leli, pretending to be dogs or did they actually become dogs to get a day? Every reader might have a different perspective of this significant question, and this view may alter the way he or she accomplishes this job. The brief story does contain several magical elements and even fulfills several of these qualities of Magical Realism as described by Faris. Should one assume the girls are in reality in the puppy form, one needs to notice that the girls are understood from the people about, although Toni is not. The servants know when the women tell them to prepare lunch for three dogs. The men in the murder scene, as well, know the "puppies" if they question what the dogs saw. This interspecies communication holds a magical aspect due to the nonoccurance in reality (Faris 167). The communication that exists between the "dogs" and Toni, another puppy, one could comprehend. Toni conveys by a few speech, but largely by his activities. He bares his teeth during lunch so he may choose the meat and, therefore, prove himself to be the mind of this pecking ord...

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