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Pat Barker's Regeneration Essay

In Pat Barker's novel Regeneration, there's not much doubt that the cult of Oscar Wilde had taken hold already in the initial decades of the twentieth century. In Oscar Wilde's Last Stand, Philip Hoarer informs us that by associating with Robert Ross, Wilfred Owen "has been allying himself with the cult of Oscar Wilde: hero, mentor and martyr into an whole culture" (Hoarer 15). In some fashion, the unraveling of the announcement is what makes the references to Wilde so significant in Barker's book. Barker makes three references to Oscar Wilde on pages 54, 124, and 143. All the references to Wilde is at the context of friendships involving homosexual males. In Barker's Regeneration, Oscar Wilde is known to emphasize the theme that homosexuals are fully able having friendships with other males and not only romantic relationships. The intriguing life of Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde started on October 16, 1854, in Dublin, Ireland. By the end of his college education, Wilde had become one of the most well-known aesthetes; it was this recognition that drew attention to his affected paradoxes and his witty sayings. This celebrity led to his 1882 lecture tour of America. In 1885 Wilde started work as a book reviewer for the Pall Mall Gazette and also a critic for the Dramatic Reviewer. Two years later, he was appointed as the editor of this Lady's World Magazine. The year 1888 declared his first major published work The Happy Prince and Other Stories, which was a magical collection of children's stories. Three decades later Wilde made a name for him self by publishing four books in 1891: A House of Pomegranates, Lord Arthur Savile's Crime, Intentions, and The Picture of Dorian Gray - the latter bringing him his greatest fame to date" ("Biograp...

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