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Sexuality and Desire in Jane Austen's Mansfield Park Essay

Sexuality and Desire in Jane Austen's Mansfield Park At a letter to her brother aged 1814, Jane Austen awoke about a compliment she'd received from a buddy on her latest work, Mansfield Park: "It's the most practical book he's ever read" (263). Austen prided herself on creating literature that portrayed realistic characters and honest circumstances, but perhaps more importantly, she tried to create fiction that was moral and educational as well as entertaining. What exactly does sensible say about the sexual activity? In Mansfield Park, the answer appears blaringly before us, as we repeatedly witness sexuality and desire represented from the darkest of phrases, and frequently resulting in the most sinister of results. People who emit a sexual persona or consciousness are to be seen as dangerous, and people whom have sexual desire are necessarily those in danger, and are often punished due to their innermost emotions and erratic behavior. Even the Bertrams and Fanny Price reside at Mansfield Park peacefully sufficient till their quiet, national world is turned upside down by outsiders, all of people, in their own ways, threaten to upset the lifestyles of the people having a passion, desire, and heritage that is brand new to them. In this essay, I'd love to analyze the relationships that arise from connections with these outsiders, what character sexuality and desire play within them, and what Austen's treatment of these says about sexual transgression and want in a bigger sense too. It seems only natural to start with the two most prominent intruders in Mansfield Park, both Henry and Mary Crawford. As jaded people accustomed to the fast-paced (and amoral) life of this city, Mary and Henry view Mansfield Park and its residen...

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