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Role of Children in Morrison's Recitatif and O'Connor's The Artificial Nigger

Role of Parents in Morrison's Recitatif along with O'Connor's The Artificial Nigger Parental figures in Toni Morrison's "Recitatif" and Flannery O'Connor's "The Artificial Nigger" use indoctrination in an attempt to conserve tradition and fortify racial boundaries. While one mature influence fulfills the mission entirely, another have to settle for inconstant, recurrent success and eventual failure. Back in "Recitatif" and "The Artificial Nigger" a mother and a secretary, respectively, with too much obligation attempt to alter the lives of 2 children for the worst. Roberta Fisk and Nelson Head receive introductions to the notion of racism from people with a excellent deal of control over their own lives. Morrison's piece illustrates the component of racism involving feelings of contempt. When Roberta introduces her mother with her roommate Twyla and Twyla's mother, "Roberta's mum [looks] down at [Twyla] and then [looks] down in Mary too. She [doesn't] say whatever, just [grabs] Roberta together with her Bible-free hand and [steps] out of line, walking fast to the trunk of it" (213). Through her rudeness, Roberta's mother basically informs her that people love Twyla and Mary deficiency value and stand beneath them. The idea of exceptional feelings stems out of Morrison pointing out that the fact that Roberta's mother looks down in Twyla and Mary after formerly acknowledging her significant elevation. In a more blatant manner, Mr. Head chooses Nelson to the city of Atlanta with the primary aim of turning him from black individuals. To prepare Nelson to " the ethical mission of the coming day" (250), Mr. Head tells Nelson that "[he] may not like [the city] somewhat" since "it will be filled with niggers" (252). While Nelson apparently r.. .

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