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'The Metamorphosis' and Also 'A Hunger Artist' Writer

There are lots of similarities and parallels between Franz Kafka's "The Metamorphosis" and "A Hunger Artist". Kafka portrays these similarities and differences quite efficiently through his utilization of elements like transformation, dehumanization, and commitment to get the job done. Throughout his functions, Kafka communicates with the reader in such a manner that almost provokes and challenges one's creativity and imagination. Kafka is famous for his highly symbolic and oblique fashion of composing. It is no surprise that several of his pieces include the exact same big themes, just in various settings. The fact that he repeats his styles only creates the message he is hoping to convey much more powerful. In either "The Metamorphosis" and "A Hunger Artist", the principal characters are similar in the way that they're both extremely devoted to their work. Back in "The Metamorphosis", Gregor Samsa wakes up one morning to find himself changed into a bug. Oddly enough, Gregor does not matter how this transformation happened or even why it occurred. He is more concerned about having to work (Metamorphosis 4). In the same way, at "A Hunger Artist", the principal character is completely devoted to his job. Actually, he's so committed that he really thinks of manners in which he can improve himself. At the conclusion of a quick he asks himself, "Why stop fasting at this particular momentwhy stop today?" (Bedford 637).) Both of the characters in those pieces also lead to their own destruction. Their deaths are both due to starvation. Following Gregor's passing in Metamorphosis, his sister remarks, "Just look how thin he was. Of course he didn't eat anything for this long time. The food came out again just the way it moved in." (OrMetamorphosis 55) Ironically, though, it's because of Greta,...

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