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Imagination at Narnis along with Neverland Essay

There is always one aspect of life that is essential in a person. It's established in youth; creativity. Children have the privilege of being young enough for a specific amount of time to not let any duties hinder them from studying and experiencing the world in fresh ways. In literature, the very ideal approach to flaunt a kid's creativity is by way of a world completely different from their own. Some of the most obvious fantasy worlds in children's literature are all; Narnia and Neverland. These worlds are very important because they don't classify children as beings lower than others. Instead, children are glorified and treated as equals in the various worlds. In C.S. Lewis' The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, four siblings travel into a wardrobe and are transported into a magical kingdom, called Narnia, where they discover that they must help deliver the fantastical realm out of its eternal winter. Back in J.M. Barrie's Peter and Wendy, the story of Wendy Darling and her brothers John and Michael is explored as a young boy who never grows up requires them to Neverland; a island where the only inhabitants are pirates and the Lost Boys. In both of these stories, there is one element in both that makes these differently entertaining tales into inspiring coming of age stories. This element is at the value of the use of the absent parent. Both Lewis and Barrie eliminate the security of their parents, which makes the children fend for themselves at a new, strange world. These worlds have the ability to be fully researched as children enter them, their open minds attracting about fresh ideas that an adult could never even dream of. The idea of developing is equal with the notion of cutting ties with your parents and getting your own person. Therefore, in order.

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