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CREATED ON 4th April 2018

Stephen Crane's The Monster as the Most Important work of short fiction written before 1900

"At once a children's narrative, a grim social satire, an ambitious analysis of ethical responsibility, a painful examination of race in the united states, a devastating account of this village virus" "The Monster" by Stephen Crane, has been interpreted as the most significant work of short fiction written prior to 1900. It's a compilation of different issues used to highlight the racist attitudes and xenophobia evident in the USA after slavery was abolished in 1863. Regardless of the fictional plot, the views of the white inhabitants of Whilomville are based on fact, as the racist feelings were still palpable evinced by derogatory terms like "Negro". Alongside the race battle, social satire is evident, as apparently the story is classified as Southern Gothic. With a Gothic overtone Crane is able to learn more about the satirical society in which the story is set, to delve into issues of social satire, ethical responsibility, race struggles along with the "village virus". During "The Monster", Crane exemplifies the social hypocrisy and identifies this as a problem in modern society. Before Henry became "frightfully seared", he had been high in social standing. This is portrayed through descriptions of this towns-people of Whilomville, which is set loosely based on Crane's childhood hometown of Port Jervis, New Jersey. He had been a "well-bred gentleman", who was always given "silent admonitions and praise". Miss Bella Farragut exclaimed that "Misteh Johnsing" was only "celestial", as they were soon to be engaged. Their remarks however, were considerably reversed following the fire incident, when "his face had simply been burned away". After Alek, his "ol’ frien''', first saw Henry after the collision, he "gasped for another, and then "shouted the yell of...

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