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CREATED ON 4th April 2018

Article about The Transformation of China

When the Jesuits decided to go to China, they had a very clear mission: to enlarge the word of God and the church to anybody who would listen. This would be a challenge in many parts of the world, but especially in China. The Jesuits had to overcome a huge number of cultural fear and ethnocentrism and xenophobia so as to transform the Chinese, however, they defeated these obsticales by employing a variety of methods that was shown to be effective. 1 important factor that allowed for the conversion of the Chinese was powerful leaders and figure minds of the church. Like every major moment in history, there are specific priests and agents of this church that can be pinpointed as the founders of the cultural exchange of Europe and China. Francis Xavier is broadly called the founder of the mission. Although he never made it quite far into the mainland of China, his courageous actions prompted following priests to act. Another important figure in this market was Matteo Ricci. He was a brilliant man who arguably was most important creator of this assignment concerning conversion techniques. He used mnemonic devices for memorycard, and cartography to impress the Chinese, thereby giving him a means to speak further on religion. Without leaders such as Xavier and Ricci, there may not happen to be men clever enough to penetrate China’s xenophobia and possess a solid conversion. The Jesuits learned quickly about China’so fear of outsiders, also tried to incorporate their teachings to the Chinese culture. The largest example of this can be tying their teachings into Confucianism. For centuries, and up through the point that the Jesuits set up their mission, Confucius’so teaching were at the center of Chinese culture. Instead of fight that effective force, th...

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