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CREATED ON 4th April 2018

Essay on Vocabulary Teaching in ESL

This report was delegated for us to understand understand language instruction and how it is practiced more. My delegated area is language learning and teaching. For this I've thought about what my thoughts and believes on the subject of learning and teaching vocabulary were and how they changed after interviewing a teacher of English as a second language and also a learner of English as a second language. In this report I shall talk about my faith before and after doing the interviews and additional study; the considers of a teacher with the support of a concept map; the thoughts of a learner by doing a small interview and also what the pros think by discussing extra material I have read and analysed especially for this report. As soon as I began writing this report I've made a concept map showing my thinks in how language should be taught in English as a second language, to be known as ESL in the remainder of this report. It shows my view rests on 4 columns. Namely that context, timing, balance and variant are necessary to learning and teaching vocabulary. Not only in ESL but in any language that's learned. My believe is that the majority of vocabulary is not learned in the classroom, but rather out in everyday life by watching TV, films and listening to audio. Since I feel that circumstance is by far the most important contributing factor when studying and learning language. It make a student makes an institution with the word that is something apart from ‘I have to learn this term to pass an examination and please the teacher’. As this isn't something that will inspire a student. In ways learning words in ordinary life creates a need for the knowledge that is not as easily created in the classroom. Next time is quite...

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