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Essay on Women's Groups At The Twentieth-Century

The twentieth-century would observe important modifications to the working rights of girls. In 1900, women make up 18.3 percent of the American labour force a number that could continue to grow through the century. In 1920 girls accounted for 12% of the professional industry. Regardless of the increasing numbers of women wage earners, in the twentieth-century, the national government was not doing enough promote equality for women; as a consequence, women would form their own associations in the shape of unions and institutions to ensure complete equality. In 1903 the Women's Trade Union League (WTUL) formed to help women improve their working conditions and wages. Membership in the WTUL has been open to all girls, and the company needed the blessing of the potent male-dominated marriage, the American Federation of Labor (AFL). Women realized that if they were planning to see any changes in the office they'd come just by joining together without regard to class. Girls dominated nursing and teaching professions. These careers were a natural match for women who were family caregivers and teachers. In the late nineteenth century women sought to enhance the career of teaching, and eliminate some of their ethical and ideology. "In Chicago, Mary Haleyorganized a strong teachers union, which removed control of appointments out of local politicians" The most well-known strike took place during the winter of 1909-1910. Local 25 of the International Ladies Garment Workers Union (ILGWU) hit the picket line to protest working conditions and low wages in New York City's garment sector. Their companies' cronies and regulation enforcement badgered the girls, and the strike was largely ignored until girls of the leisure-class joined their lower-class Jewish and Ita...

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