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Statistics on National and Global Security Beneath the Realist Theory

National security undeniably has a preponderant place in the political, economical and military agenda of each state. Thus, the state has a paramount responsibility from the contexts of its own national and multinational safety. Whatever might be the method by which the state adopts in order to shield itself and its citizens, it has to be accord with an worldwide system. In this sense the state tends to stick to a specific model in terms of international connections. Focuses in the case of western societies generally, and more especially the United States since the iconic model of the western world, states tend to favour an realist perspective in terms of domestic security. Albeit, what is exactly the realism theory in the national security area? According to Glaser the realist view suggests the achievement of most high grade of domestic security concentrated on the acquisition of superior grades of power among the comparative states sparking the concept of the existence of an anarchical global system. Taking into account that countries asses its advantages so as to embrace the best strategies to take care of possible menaces, westerns states understand the benefits of the above theory. The present threats that the Western world take into account are written by local, regional and international menaces. For this paper it is essential recognise the reach of all of those elements that configure a danger to the West. Among many others there are crime, drugs, and terrorism, and geo-strategic actors such as the Middle East and Russia, and developing abilities such as China. These are complicated patterns that states need to strategically cope with. Actually, the safety strategy from Western nations is styled involving the combination o.. .

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