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CREATED ON 4th April 2018

Man and the surroundings in David Malouf’s Novel, An Imaginary Life Essay

In David Malouf’s novel An Imaginary Life, probably the most prevalent influences on the individuals’ lives may be the particular environment where they are placed. Malouf explores the problems of the interrelationship between guy and his environment, and the influence that adjustments in environment possess on human character. Through the characterisation of Ovid and the Boy, the consequences of setting up and physical environment are fully explored, and issues such as for example isolation consequently, conformity to culture and the advancement of culture, including language and education, are discussed. The primary character, Ovid, can be a vivid exemplory case of how lives could be changed regarding to alterations in the encompassing environment periodically. In the beginning of the written book Ovid is a stranger to his setting, stranded in a culture that deprives him of his language, his customs, and his pride. This shows that identity is constructed based on the society in which individuals are positioned primarily, and much public norms and learning derive from conformity to the circumstances of a specific environment. WITHIN AN Imaginary Life, Ovid completes a journey of self discovery, learning how exactly to create and cultivate an existence predicated on interrelationship with the natural world, entering a into idealistic and imaginary existence partly, the title hence. There are constant parallels created through descriptions of Ovid’s political status. Because of his ostracism, he is separated both from outside components of society and ideals that exist in his own mind. In the opening paragraphs, Ovid describes his natural surroundings and the characteristics of the landscape, and ends with the statement: But I am describing circumstances of mind, no accepted place. I am in exile here....

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