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The Characters from The Crucible Essay

The Characters in The Crucible The Crucible was a narrative with a wide Selection of caractors. Not only appearance wise however, with different personalities a together. Many caracteurs in this play thought otherwise in you and other. That is the reason this novel had a few "twists and turns" to the narrative. In my profiles, I'll show many different caracteurs and theirs' different mentality. First I will start with Mr. John Proctor, a.k.a. "shoulder checker". John Proctor had always matters on his head. People were constantly on his mind. John Proctor was always looking out for his mistakes or errors, not because he was picky, but his ennemis along with competion were. John Proctor was always think out the finished result of a situation, such as when Betty had been "spritually repossed" early in the publication (Act I, pages 6-12). John Proctor did not take care of as Betty as far as the final belief that the city would have on Proctor's "white and pure" name. Much could be said about Proctor's giving and understanding, but I do not wish to waste online. Proctor's carring and willing to give people believes was not his very best feature. Proctor was always thing about him, himself and no one else, except the last outcome of the whole situation. Take for exaple the guy that wanted to find some tree off Proctor's land. Even though Proctor had probably no knowlage of the trees on his land, he still wanted a peice of the pie. Proctor wanted constantly money. He was money hungry and affordable. Basicly Proctor was a could be if he would be. Proctor was constantly hoping to fit into the large class audience, display his powere and money on the middle class or poorer individuals, but if Proctor was about people such as Hale (Hale was a well educated and then he stood up for matters kind of guy) Proctor could try to act up to his course but he could not really beacause indoors he really knew he couldn't. Then the one life ending, marriage ruining fault that Proctor would ever do was that he sleept with Abigail. That action right there would kill Proctor not physically (yet) but emotionally threw the book it honted him and later. . His spouse. The perfect exemple was when John Proctor's wife, Elizabeth and Mr. Proctor were approched by Hale. John Proctor was asked if he could identify the seven commandents (Act ][, page #65). John Proctor (together with Elizabeth by his side) managed to name them all e.. .

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