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Essay on George Frederic Handel

George Frederic Handel was one of the biggest composers to ever live. While this might appear such as a very bold statement, it could be backed up by the monumental accomplishments attained by Handel during his life time. Along with being truly a musical genius, Handel was one of the biggest composers of the baroque period also. Handel never quit his dream of learning to be a global top notch musician, though his father wanted him to become a attorney even. The operas and oratorios Handel created remain a number of the greatest ever made, right now and his creativeness and swiftness is unmatched. In order to grasp Handel and all of the great musical pieces he created it’s essential that people know his history, accomplishments, and works. George Frederic Handel was created in Halle, Germany in 1685 to Dorothea and Georg Handel. (cite Handel) His Father, a barber-surgeon, was very vocal in wanting his son to pursue a career as an attorney. Nevertheless, George Handel by no means quit his dreams to become a musician. When he was seven, Handel performed prior to the duke at Weissenfels and became the pupil of Friedrich Wilhelm Zacchow, who was simply a composer and organist at the Liebfrauenkirche in Germany. (Handel cite) Zacchow taught Handel how exactly to play a number of instruments, like the violin, organ, and oboe. He also trained Handel many compositions for these instruments and several other instruments enjoy it. When Handel was eighteen, he attended the University of Halle to appease his dad, who persisted that his boy becomes an attorney. However, before Handel could complete his education at the University of Halle, he remaining to satisfy is lifelong wish as a musician. He composed a mass level of items from 1696 to 1701. In 1704, Handel become...

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