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The Second Era Education in Molenbeek Essay

In the 1960s, Molenbeek, among the nineteen municipalities of Brussels, was referred to as the attraction stage for commercial opportunities to non-European immigrants, specifically for Moroccans and Turks. Given their role in the production process, these migrants occupied low skilled jobs; their education was elementary. After commercial declination, these ethnic organizations transformed their attitude towards education and their existence in education elevated evidently. Nevertheless consequently functionality gap between non-natives and natives in education continues to be visible in this context. Their education was interrupted because of reappearance in the same grade or dropping out. Despite their vocational skills and education, they aren't well represented in today's job market. That is one of the multiple reasons, why second era immigrants, young boys especially, are presently more involved with crimes than native youngsters. Saturation of existing schools, growing school age population, insufficient educational infrastructure, language barrier, financial depression, social structure and political vision together are causeing this to be situation more intricate. This paper is aimed to analysis today's education situation of the next generation, residing in Molenbeek, with a particular consequence and concentrate on socio-cultural aspects related to this sector. Introduction In the first middle age, Saint-Jans-Molenbeek was a village that attracted a large number of pilgrims because of its miraculous well of Saint Gertrude. In 13th century, it became part of Brussels and the prosperity curve declined. Industrial revolution by the end of 18th century brought a fresh hope and also immigrants from both European and Non-European countries. Initially employees came from oth...

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