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CREATED ON 27th March 2018

The Role of Scripture in Christian Moral Formation / Ethical Decision-Making Now

The question of exactly what happens and role of Scripture is in Christian ethical formation and ethical decision-making today isn't one which I believe has a single response. There's the perspective of what I might believe it should be what it actually is, in addition to how in fact it plays out in various contexts. Those Christians who identify on the liberal end of this spectrum may differ than those on the conservative end, as well as those Christians that read and accept the Scripture as the "literal words of God" versus those who might drop more towards Scripture because the "inspired words of God" or perhaps those who view it more as only a retelling of the history of a people and how they knew their own religion and life travel. To identify Christian in the world today doesn't bring with it a completely universal understanding of the jurisdiction of the Scriptures, "what Jesus would do", or possibly a completely set of both accepted ethical values and beliefs. Writer Allen Verhey, in his text Remembering Jesus, raises a number of those problems in his next chapter in which he writes, "There are a few problems with Scripture, and there are a number of problems with us, with those who'd use Scripture in moral discourse. There are reasons to be cautious and also, perhaps, a little suspicious when Scripture is 'used' in moral discourse." One does not have to go very far back in the history of this country, or the world-at-large, to find times where Scripture was used to "justify" oppression, torture, and even murder of others based on the moral discernment of those in power. From the crusades to slavery in america, Scripture has been used, arguably out of context, to condone and advocate for some truly horrific acts against God's cre...

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